Multi-Company Add-On for 10 QuickBooks Files


Use the Multi-Company Add-On with either the Single-User or Multi-User editions to combine, or work with multiple QuickBooks files - up to 10 companies. QQube will automatically open each QuickBooks file and will extract and identify the appropriate data.

  • Add any combination of QuickBooks companies  

  • Automatically loads data from all files
    It is not necessary to open up individual files to aggregate your data. QQube opens each file, extracts the data, closes the file, and moves on to the next company.  

  • Use in aggregation or individually
    You can aggregate any of the subject data inside of QQube, or filter individually using the built-in company filters.
  • Add or remove files on the fly
    You can remove an existing QuickBooks file, and add another if you wish to change your combination.