Multi-User (10) Edition For 1 QuickBooks Company


QQube™ for QuickBooks® multi-user edition is intended to run on a server where multiple users can connect, create and run reports or analysis. This edition comes with one server and ten (10) concurrent user licenses.

  • Complete solution for creating QuickBooks reports and visualizations
    Includes data for over 45 analytic subject areas, including Financial Summary, Trial Balance Activity, G/L Detail, Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Job Costing, and Human Resources. The most comprehensive QuickBooks data engine on the planet contains over 7,000 fields, and additional 5,700 DAX measures for Power Pivot and Power BI
  • Use the tool of your choice outside of QuickBooks
    Start with one of our 250 out-of-the-box examples for Excel, PowerPivot, Power BI, Access, Crystal Reports and Tableau, or connect to any ODBC compliant application.
  • Avoid time, costs, and headaches that come with reverse engineering raw connectors or vendor API's.
    We transform the spaghetti in the QuickBooks database to save you months on the learning curve, and your pocketbook from unnecessary programming costs. You never need to start from scratch.
  • Self-serve for the end user and power for the developer
    QQube includes thousands of fields, and 5,700 additional DAX measures in tools like Power Query and Power BI to provide ease of use for the end-user, and flexibility for the most advanced developer.
  • Terminal Services/Remote Desktop compliant
    The server portion will work on single server, or Remote Desktop implementation.
  • Updates can be scheduled or on-demand
    Schedule periodic data updates, or use the on-demand feature to ensure that your QuickBooks data is current within the QQube database.
  • Central Configuration Tool
    One tool controls which companies to add, subjects to use, data update frequency, and synch logs for immediate feedback on QuickBooks data and synch errors.
  • Client Configuration Tool conveniences
    A modified version of the QQube Configuration Tool is available to each client user to monitor the synching process, choose subjects, and refresh on demand.
  • Excel Add-In included.
    Begin drag and drop operations using the included Excel Add-In.
  • Support and Documentation.
    We have honed our step-by-step guides by listening to thousands of customers over the past decade. 

  • Operating System (64-Bit Only)
    Server 2016, Server 2019

  • CPU
    Minimum 5th Generation Intel Core ix and Xeon Processors

  • Memory
    8 Gig Minimum

  • Hard Drive Space
    350MB available hard drive space. Additional space needed for the QQube database - up to 3 Gig+ per company. 

  • QuickBooks Versions
    Pro/Premiere/Enterprise 2021 and above. You must be on the latest release for each version.

  • Excel Add-In
    Minimum requirement: Excel 2016 and above (including 365, 2019), both 32 and 64 bit. 64 Bit Encouraged.

  • .NET Framework
    Version 4.8 required

  • ODBC
    Can be accessed by any ODBC compliant program

  • Dedicated Synch User
    On a local network - server portion installed under admin console, and then locked. On a remote desktop or hosted platform - server portion installed under a dedicated synch user with the time out property set to "never".